After a rather slow start, my end-of-the-year campaign (one free download per week) has been a success, bringing a record (for me!) number of visitors and downloads to this site. I now get visitors from all continents. Thank you so much for this! 

2018 was the year I started distributing my music through the streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc). It was relatively easy to get on board, thanks to DistroKid, but I soon realized that, without inclusion on major Playlists, the impact was very small. Lots of work ahead of me…BTW, I remind you that links to my pages on most major streaming services appear at the bottom of every page of this site. Share with all your friends that use Spotify, etc! For now, my offer there is limited, but I plan on adding more content soon. 

This year, I will offer many types of music on this site. First of all, aWc (my alter ego for everything synthesizer and electronic music related) is back! Expect new (and maybe older unreleased ) tracks: all synths are at the ready! Also, I intend to post audio and video documents from my new wave period (1981-85). Be sure to watch for a RedShift live cover of an iconic tune by a certain Manchester band…Finally, I will continue to include solo piano material, particularly some short improvisations. Is a second album in the cards?…not sure just yet. 

If you visit the site and download music, please send me your comments and suggestions. I wish you all a great 2019 year!

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