Almost a year has passed since I released my solo piano record "l'inévitable..." I thought I would next go on some new synthesizer, electronic music adventures...but I stayed mostly at the piano, improvising and writing. During the whole Fall season, I will be presenting to you a half dozen tunes, with a new one going online each Friday. 

All this music can be downloaded for free, only on this site and for a limited time only. Just use the link on my welcome page ( or use the Music Tab. Get it in wav or mp3 format.

The first excerpt is titled "la falaise (thanks Greg!). I had played it at my CD launch (it is not on the record)...with some difficulty because it was so new. Now I've had plenty of time to practice it!. I have also recently been experimenting with new piano sounds coming from the Pianoteq software. These meticulously crafted piano sounds are created solely through mathematical models, not sampling (unlike most digital pianos). "la falaise" is rendered with a Steinway B model, a very popular 6'7" grand.

Go and get the new tunes. Tell your parents, your brother-in-law, your distant cousin...! Let me know what you think through our Contact page.

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