I am old school. Hell, you can even cross-out “school” ;) But, it had to happen eventually. Nobody could understand why I was not on YouTube or Spotify or whatever the digital age wonder. When I tried to figure out how to put my music on Spotify, I realized I needed an aggregator (in spotifyese), aka a distributor. That set me back a little, but a quick research showed me that this was not only quite easy, but inexpensive as well! If you’re on the same boat, I recommend you check out this article. It is the most extensive comparison of current online music distributors I found. My pick was DistroKid, and so far I am very pleased. In less than an hour, I had registered, uploaded a condensed version of “L’inévitable…” (14 tracks) and the artwork. I got constant email notifications of the treatment of my request, and in about one week my piano album was live on Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, iHeart, iTunes Store, Apple Music, Amazon and a few others. Amazing! There are still a few more to come, as some sites are slower to process new uploads.

Certainly, this doesn’t mean that I’ll become rich and famous, but it will increase visibility and accessibility of my music across the world. It really was not much effort and expense, so why not? If you use any of these online services, and you like what you hear from me, please share and leave comments and reviews! And the cool thing about DistroKid is that I can upload as many tunes as I want for a single yearly fee.

Speaking of new uploads: I will be releasing new piano tunes (probably before the fall), and eventually synthesizer music both new and from the past. A lot of this will be for free, so stay tuned! Don’t forget to sign for the mailing list so you will be kept informed of any new developments. It’s been a very exciting time…I was specially thrilled to have a tune go in rotation for the last 3 months on Radio-Classique (Montréal and Québec), as reported in my News section. PS The complete “L’inévitable? Léviter” album with 21 tracks is still only available on this website!

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